Footprints in the Snow

In this Christmas adventure for Middle Grade children, ten-year-old Jamie goes to stay with his grandfather - his 'Grancher Pete' - in the Forest of Dean. Here he discovers that people are searching for a legendary panther. He also meets Caro, Finn and Molly, three traveller children who talk to animals. The forest is their playground and Jamie is amaze by their different outlook on life. When a heavy snowfall turns the landscape into a magical kingdom, Jamie sets off to find his new friends. He thinks he knows the forest well, but he soon becomes lost and wanders into danger.

No-one knows where he is. How will he get back?


*Available at Amazon. Paperbacks are also available at Taurus Crafts and the Dean Heritage Centre, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.

Letters & art work from young readers:

Reviews for 'Footprints in the Snow':


"In Holman's tale, rumours of a panther prowling the forest's dark, overgrown paths help create a sense of suspense that makes this a book that can - no must - be devoured in an evening. Holman's way with her characters results in an ideal form of reading, one that is balanced between the urge to linger and the desire to move on."

- J P Gill, The Holland Times


"A neat tale well told, with a wonderful sense of place and great feeling for the way a child might deal positively with bereavement. I have only briefly visited the Forest of Dean for a holiday. I loved your evocation of it; clearly it was and is a special place for you. More stories set in it, perhaps revolving around the traveller children and Jamie visiting during school holidays, would be an excellent sequel (or two!)" 

- Oliver Pointer


"I thoroughly enjoyed reading Footprints in the Snow. The subtle references that Jamie made to his Dad, even though he was always in the back of his mind, was reflected beautifully, leading up to the stronger connection at the end. It was a lovely balance of how families continue with life following a death without forgetting that special person. It was uplifting, engaging and a pleasure to read."


- Suzannah Phillips, Winston's Wish Charity for Bereaved Children, Gloucester, UK