A Moon-Coloured Cloak

All my other plans are put on hold for 2019 because I want to finish this story first. Set on an imaginary island on the west coast of Scotland, this middle grade novel leads its protagonist, Robbie, on a journey of discovery in which he learns how much magic there is around him. with the help of his grandmother and her two friends, can he use this magic to save his younger sister?   

Old Water

There's something creepy about water and that idea has grown into 8 weird stories about women and water, set in a variety of watery locations; a lighthouse, a lake,  a fountain, the sea, an oasis, even a bathroom and a ditch in Holland! The theme which links all the tales is that the women in each story can breathe under water.

Proposed publication date: September 2018

Dear Dolly, I Done A Bad Thing

In this young adult novel, a chance meeting between 14-year-old Jack Harris and 117-year-old Dolly Chambers sets off a chain of events during which Jack discovers his psychic abilities. Jack thinks he is using them to communicate with Dolly's childhood sweetheart, who was killed at Passchendaele in 1917, but instead he is able to find the answer to a century-old mystery.

The Tsunami Project

After publishing 'The Knocking' in November 2017, a number of readers expressed an interest to know more about some of the other characters in the book. I hadn't thought of doing this before, but to my surprise, new stories have developed which, like 'The Knocking', are linked to the Great Flood of 1607 and set in the village of Awre. I hope to complete and publish 'When We Arrived', 'Helping Hands' and 'The Saving Tree' before summer 2018.