4.5.24 On Saturday 18th May I will be taking part in a free event at the International Creative Women Space in Eindhoven. After reading an extract with fellow author Kirsty Boar, we will be selling our books at a discounted price.   




20.1.24 On Saturday 13th January I held my first workshop in Eindhoven. The participants each brought a really interesting story from their own family history, which we then used as material to practice fiction-writing tasks. It was a productive day which hopefully will lead to many more opportunities.

31.10.23 On Saturday I dressed up and took part in a Halloween event held by the Maastricht Writers Workshop. I read my short stories 'The Great Pumpkin Chase' and 'Troll Pudding'. It was a fun afternoon!   

5.9.23 My English-language drama group starts again this Thursday, 7th September, after the summer break. If you're in the South Limburg area and would like to join, new members are always welcome. Please message me for more information.  

27.7.23 The accompanying colouring books for my children's books 'Footprints in the Snow' bit.ly/474D1KW and 'Save the White Stag' bit.ly/46Zj08u are now live at Amazon. Each book contains pictures from the stories, along with a quote from the story text. Suitable for readers aged 7-11.    

16.6.23 After a successful public reading at the Dominicanen Bookstore in Maastricht, our books are now for sale in the store. 





23.5.23 On Thursday 8th June, the Maastricht Writers Workshop will be holding a public reading event at the Bookstore Dominicanen. I will be reading an extract from my book 'The Things We've Seen'.

31.3.23 I have been interviewed by Fly by Night Press as part of their focus on British authors. You can read it at this link: bit.ly/2KSKpOO  

8.2.23 On Wednesday 15th February, I will be reading my work along with other members of the Maastricht Writers Workshop. The event is free, held at the newly-opened Limestone Books. 

24.1.23 My short story Water Baby has been published on the Save As Writers website, after it was shortlisted in their writing contest last year. To read it, follow this link bit.ly/3GKtMV0 then scroll down and click on the story title in the shortlist.  

17.12.22 Starting to tomorrow and ending on Christmas Eve, I am holding a Kindle Countdown for three of my books: Footprints in the Snow  amzn.to/2zOwAww  , The Wishing Sisters amzn.to/2JrOAof   & The Things We've Seen amzn.to/2NxMx56 . You can find out more about them at my 'Books' page link books   and also read extracts at the read for free page. Merry Christmas everyone. Happy reading.  

14.11.22 This Wednesday, 16th November, the International Womens Club of South Limburg is holding a Christmas Fair. I'll be signing and selling copies of my books, along with my author friends at the Maastricht Writers Workshop. The fair starts at 7.30 and admission is free. There'll be lots of different stalls with Christmas gift ideas. #IWC #maastrichtwritersworkshop #Christmasgifts    

10.7.22 Here I am, at my #authorevent @ the #EnglishBookstoreMaastricht on Saturday. The focus was the #ForestofDean, where I lived for 15 years, & how it inspired my books 'The Wishing Sisters', 'The Knocking', 'Footprints in the Snow' and 'Save the White Stag'. I really enjoyed the event & it was great that people were so interested in the Forest, and especially the #GreatFlood that happened there in 1607. #books #fiction #reading #writing #Maastricht #MaastrichtAuthors #fantasy #magicrealism #forests #history #riversevern

4.7.22 On Saturday 9th July I will be holding an author event at the English Bookstore in Maastricht. The focus of the event is to talk about the Forest of Dean, in Gloucestershire, and how it inspired my books, 'The Wishing Sisters', 'The Knocking', 'Footprints in the Snow' and 'Save the White Stag'. I will read extracts from all four books, and as a special event offer, I will give away a free copy of 'Footprints in the Snow' with any purchase of the other three books.  

3.4.22 Yesterday I read an extract from my book 'The Things We've Seen' at the first open mic event at the English Bookstore in Maastricht. It was a great and varied afternoon of prose, poetry, music and song. 

21.3.22 The first Open Mic event at the English Bookstore Maastricht will take place on Saturday 2nd April. I've signed up and will be reading an extract from 'The Things We've Seen'. 

21.1.22 Last night I was interviewed on Maastricht's local radio station, 'The Maastricht Edition'. I discussed my links with the Forest of Dean, my networking in Maastricht and my plans for 2022. You can hear the interview at bit.ly/3AmUTRt. The interview is towards the end, about 40 minutes into the programme. 

28.11.21 Starts tomorrow: the Teachers Pay Teachers sale has 20% off classroom resources, including my reading comprehension and activity pack for the Christmas story 'Footprints in the Snow'. bit.ly/3a8hGF7 & bit.ly/3p1s31o   

26.11.21 'The Things We've Seen' was last night's book recommendation at the Maastricht Edition's weekly radio show. Thank you to the English Bookstore Maastricht for putting it forward. 

19.11.21 Starts today: A ‘Footprints in the Snow’ giveaway for primary school teachers. I am giving away 5 paperback copies of my children’s Christmas story, plus 5 copies each of the accompanying Christmas Activity Pack and Reading Comprehension, which are available at the TeachersPayTeachers and the TES websites. You can read an extract from the story @ my read-for-free page & go to the resources @ these links (TPT: bit.ly/3a8hGF7bit.ly/3p1s31o  TES: bit.ly/2E6kuDU & bit.ly/2KfitN3 ) 


To enter, please email me via my website contact page and supply: your name, a postal address to receive the book copy & an email address to receive the resource downloads. The giveaway ends at midnight CET on Sunday 21st November. I will draw 5 names from a hat on Monday morning and announce the winners here and on social media.

10.11.21 All my books are now available at the English Bookstore in Maastricht, Netherlands.

4.11.21 Here I am at the English Bookstore's Halloween event, my first author event in Maastricht. It was a lot of fun. I read a children's story, 'The Great Pumpkin Chase' (currently unpublished) and the children enjoyed eating a lot of candy,  drawing monsters and taking part in a quiz. It was nice to work with another local author, Kirsty Boar, and become part of the Maastricht writing community.        

4.10.21 I will be taking part in a Halloween event at the English Bookstore Maastricht on Sunday 31st October. Hope to see you there!

2.9.21 My reading comprehension resource for 'Save the White Stag' is now live at TeachersPayTeachers    bit.ly/38B9bkm     & TES websites    bit.ly/3kOZsfF   . You can read the first 3 chapters of the book here:  https://www.maggieholman.com/read-for-free/

29.7.21 My interview about 'Save the White Stag' is broadcast at 11 am today on BBC Radio Gloucestershire. 

29.7.21 Paperbacks of 'Save the White Stag' are now available at the Dean Heritage Centre, Soudley, Forest of Dean.

12.7.21 'Save the White Stag' is now available as a paperback and ebook at Amazon. In this children's story, also set in the Forest of Dean, the characters from 'Footprints in the Snow' return in a new and challenging adventure. Go straight to the Amazon links at: amzn.to/3ATgXmnamzn.to/36wFiAG

1.6.21 My new middle grade/KS2 play 'Pirate Pete's Kebabs' is now available at the TeachersPayTeachers and TES websites. Use these links to go straight to them. TeachersPayTeachers bit.ly/3bLLIyA & TES bit.ly/3ySOTAw.  

21.4.21 Starting next Monday 26th April, I will be sending out pre-publication chapters of my book 'Save the White Stag' to participating primary schools. Check out the details at the dedicated White Stag Project page. If you're a primary school teacher, please feel free to join in at any time by sending me a contact email.  

2.3.21 Starting tomorrow, 'The Wishing Sisters' is in a 5-day Kindle Countdown offer at Amazon UK and Amazon US. 

17.2.21 'The Things We've Seen' is now available in paperback and e-book at Amazon, at these links. amzn.to/2NxMx56 & amzn.to/3dj3YRN. Read extracts at my read-for-free page: bit.ly/3ovEFxW.    

12.2.21 After an enforced break from writing, my new book is ready. 'The Things We've Seen: Speculative Tales from the Care Home Writing Club' is a story which contains a set of short stories. February release date TBA.   

5.10.20 Halloween offer No 3: For this week only. DM me at Twitter & Facebook or email me via my website & receive a free copy of 'The Naming of Trees', a ghost story in which a woman suffers a loss & finds an unusual way to keep her memories alive. 

4.8.20 Today & tomorrow only: Get 20% off my reading & drama resources at my teacherspayteachers store. bit.ly/3fj1hg7.

2.8.20 I have two sales happening this week. 'The Wishing Sisters'  bit.ly/2BB0Obz and 'The Knocking'  bit.ly/39xxq2o have sale prices at www.kobo.com, to celebrate their launch at this site, from 1st-8th August. Also, my revised resources list at www.teacherspayteachers is in their 20%-off sale from 4th-6th August bit.ly/3fj1hg7.

24.7.20 'The Wishing Sisters', 'The Knocking' and 'Footprints in the Snow' now also available at Google Play Store.  

22.7.20 Live now - ebooks of 'The Wishing Sisters', 'Footprints in the Snow' and 'The Knocking' are all now available at KOBO. 

15.5.20 My short story 'Our Patch' has been shortlisted for the Stories of the Nature of Cities 2020 Anthology. 

6.11.19 The full novella text & classroom resources for 'Footprints in the Snow' are now available as a discounted bundle in my stores at TeachersPayTeachers  & TES.com.  Use these links to check them out: bit.ly/2WNEDFb & bit.ly/2ChNJRh 

15.10.19 Last Thursday I took part in the Amsterdam Critiquing Group's reading event at De Nieuwe Anita, with 8 writer friends. I read a new ghost story, 'We Need to Tell Frank'. The evening was a success, with an audience of about 30 people, and we hope to do it again soon!

19.7.19 A reading comprehension for secondary school based on the short story 'The Wishing Sisters' is now live at www.teacherspayteachers.com  bit.ly/2xXJ6tc & www.tes.com  bit.ly/2GkE5zu 

7.5.19 Today and tomorrow only: get 25% off all my resources at my TeachersPayTeachers store. Find reading and literacy activities based on my books, plus some one-off fun drama and reading resources. Click on this link: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Run-Jump-Jive                                 

5.2.19 'Alien Town' drama resource is now live at the TES resources and teacherspayteachers website. This is a collaborative drama unit using original starter scenarios. https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/alien-town-a-drama-and-social-skills-unit-for-secondary-junior-and-high-school-12064764


7.12.18 I will be selling my books at the Eindhoven International School Winter Fair this Sunday, 9th December.

27.11.18 A primary school Christmas activity pack and comprehension unit for 'Footprints in the Snow' is now available at  https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Run-Jump-Jive and https://www.tes.com/resources/search/?q=footprints%20in%20the%20snow

18.11.18 Check out the video, at my Maggie Holman Writer Page at Facebook, of me reading from my Christmas book Footprints in the Snow at the ABC Bookstore open mic in Amsterdam. The book is available from the store, along with my other books The Knocking and The Wishing Sisters.

6.10.18 Reading comprehension series Read! Cook! Eat! and activities based on my books are going live at https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/My-Products

5.10.18 I had a great time today reading from & discussing my Christmas book 'Footprints in the Snow'. Children ask great questions about writing!

2.6.18 Here I am reading from 'The Knocking' at the ABC Bookstore open mic event last night. 

27.5.18 Next Friday evening I will be reading from my book 'The Knocking' at this ABC Bookstore event in Amsterdam https://www.abc.nl/events/event-details/abc-open-mic---your-chance-to-go-public-with-your-book-song-or-poem/2400

27.5.18 Last week I had an impromptu chat about writing with a group 3 class at the Amsterdam International Community School. They're also writing books and it was great to share how our writing works.

26.5.18 A reading comprehension resource based on my short story 'A High Windy Place' is available at TeachersPayTeachers and TES Resources. https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/A-High-Windy-Place-A-Ghost-Story-with-Reading-Comprehension-Tasks-3830604 and https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/a-high-windy-place-a-ghost-story-with-reading-comprehension-tasks-11909180


Read the original story in the collection 'The Wishing Sisters' amzn.to/1F5Ni66


25.2.18 I will be reading from 'The Knocking' at the ABC Bookstore on Friday 16th March at 5 pm.

22.2.18 'The Knocking' is now available at Taurus Crafts and the Dean Heritage Centre, in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. 

2.12.17 To celebrate the launch of the paperback version on Amazon in time for Christmas, a  'Footprints in the Snow'  Goodreads Giveaway starts Tuesday 5th December for Goodreads UK readers only. Enter for a chance to win one of 3 signed copies. 

17.11.17 'Footprints in the Snow' is available for a Kindle Countdown for three days only, 18th-20th November. A great Christmas gift idea! amzn.to/2zOwAww 

11.11.17 My tsunami ghost story 'The Knocking' is now available from Amazon Kindle. amzn.to/2zzKN2B

28.10.17 'The Wishing Sisters' short story collection is available for Kindle Free Book Promotion for three days only, starting tomorrow 29th October. http://amzn.to/1F5Ni66

24.10.17 My short story 'A Tail for Talia' has been long listed for the National Literacy Trust/Bloomsbury Short Story Prize. https://literacytrust.org.uk/news/short-story-prize-longlist-revealed/?mc_cid=72d12402fc&mc_eid=9ece1c3f3f 

3.10.17 I will be reading from 'The Wishing Sisters' at an ABC Bookstore Open Mic event on 17th October, 5 pm at Starbucks Rembrandtplein, Amsterdam

8.7.17 A first public reading from next book 'Old Water' at the ABC Bookstore's open mic event,

Amsterdam.  See the video at my Facebook 'writer page'  


7.7.17 Tonight I will be reading from my next short story collection at the ABC Bookstore's 'open mic' event in Amsterdam.


2.3.17 Today we celebrated some great writing at the AICS Book Week's Writing Festival. It was great to read and listen to some really talented young writers. https://twitter.com/KarenGouldingNL/status/837331322825760772

22.12.16 I will be teaching on the 'Making Writing Happen!' taster day for aspiring young writers organised by http://andotherwords.tumblr.com

23.10.16 'The Great Pumpkin Chase', story 2 of Read! Cook! Eat!, now available at https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Read-Cook-Eat-The-Great-Pumpkin-Chase-2841645 and https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/read-cook-eat-the-great-pumpkin-chase-11398761. A fun Halloween story for children age 7-11!

4.10.16 I will be teaching on the 'Write.Act.Direct' young people's theatre course in Amsterdam, starting on October 24th. For more info go to: http://andotherwords.tumblr.com

16.9.16 Christmas marketing campaign goes live for Footprints in the Snow Watch out for dates of talks and school visits.

5.6.16 Read! Cook! Eat! goes live at www.teacherspayteachers.com and www.tes.com/teaching-resource. After reading a short story with a food link, children can make the recipe of the story. Story 1 is 'Troll Pudding', a funny story for the 6 -8 age group.

12.3.16 The Wishing Sisters is available for Kindle Countdown offer from Monday 14th March. Download the 1st story here from the 'Read-for Free' webpage.  

3.2.16 Students engrossed in 'The Wishing Sisters' stories at the 21st Century Global School. 

21.2.16 The reading and drawing session at the 21st Century Global School was a big success. 

12.2.16 Yesterday I had a lovely chat with two Group 3 classes at the AICS who had read my book 'Footprints in the Snow'. It was amazing how much they'd remembered. Thank you guys so much.

11.2.16     'The Wishing Sisters', A story of love, loss and landscape, will be available for free download on Saturday and Sunday only. www.maggieholman.com/readforfree

23.01.16    I'm very excited about a reading/Q&A of 'Footprints in the Snow' at the 21st Century Global School in Haarlem on 19th February.

10.12.2015     Writer Shelley Wilson writes at her Wordpress blog about 'Footprints in the Snow': "a heart warming story." Read her full review here

29.11.15     'Footprints in the Snow' now available in Amsterdam at the Scheltema, van Rossum and ABC bookstores.

26.11.15     'Footprints in the Snow' is launched with a reading in the AICS library in Amsterdam.   

26.11.15     'Footprints in the Snow' achieves an amazing 1084 requests in its Goodreads Giveaway! 

26.11.15     'Footprints in the Snow' is launched on 26th November. The e-book is available at Amazon for Kindle. Hard copies at Taurus Crafts and Dean Heritage Centre in the UK.