24. May 2021
Students at the 21st Century Global School in Haarlem, the Netherlands, are taking part in the Save the White Stag project. Check out these pictures from the opening two chapters, showing main character Caro searching in the forest and at her home in the traveller camp. Thank you so much, Ingrid (headteacher) & the students, for your wonderful art work!
26. April 2021
Today my White Stag Project goes live and I'll be sending out the first chapter of 'Save the White Stag' to participating schools and home-schoolers. So what is it about? The story is a follow-up to 'Footprints in the Snow', my middle grade story set in the Forest of Dean. This story first introduced Jamie to his new traveller friends, three siblings called Caro, Finn and Molly, and centres around the urban myth that there is a black panther living in the forest.
16. February 2021
'The Things We've seen': An Unexpected Project
After leaving a job and changing countries, I expected to work on a particular children's book, but something else pushed its way through and wanted my attention. The result is 'The Things We've Seen: Speculative Tales from the Care Home Writing Club'. Instead of working with children in mind, I've loved creating a set of elderly characters, their interaction, their personal stories and the secrets they finally share through a writing club project. I'm very proud of the result!