'Story Club' and 'Just Us Girls' : Theater Zuiderlingen, Maastricht

In September 2022 I have two upcoming writing & drama courses at Theater Zuiderlingen, Maastricht:


'Story Club' is an ongoing creative writing club for children aged 8-12. It will be a place where aspiring young authors can meet and make friends with other children who love to write fiction. They will develop their creative writing skills by exploring stories in a fun way. They will also learn to share their work-in-progress and finished stories with each other, give and receive feedback and use it to improve their work, but most of all, I hope they will have lots of fun exploring the world of words and what they can do with them.


For more information, please follow this link: bit.ly/3b2jnqs


'Just Us Girls' - a ladies-only drama course

This 12-week course is an introduction to drama skills. The course is improvisatory in nature, rather than script-led,  and explores drama elements such as character, plot and setting, mime and movement, or how to use masks, props, costume and music. As well as building confidence and expression through drama, this is a fun way to make new friends.


For more information, please follow this link: bit.ly/31gu5be